A Free Email Spam Testing Tool & Email Spam Checker

This is a free email spam checking tool, which looks at your email copy or your entire email sequence to ensure you aren't triggering and spam words or spam keywords.

Whether it's just an email or your entire email sequence that needs to be checked for spam, we've got your back.

Just paste in any copy you want checked for spam words or keywords - then hit "Proceed"!

Our tool will highlight any phrases or words that can trigger spam filters across multiple platforms so you know what to fix.

It's that simple!

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Why Use An Email Spam Checker?

Getting your list to open your emails and take action isn't easy. Not only do you spend hours writing copy but then spend even more time designing the email and making it look pretty. You hit send only to find your emails hit their spam folder because of one or two words you used in the entire email.

Email Copy Checker was created to help you filter your email copy for spam triggering keywords BEFORE you hit send so you are less likely to hit people's spam boxes because of something you said.


How Does Email Copy Checker Work?

To put it simply, we have the most up-to-date database of spam trigger phrases and keywords to ensure you're never saying something email providers like Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail or otherwise doesn't like.

You'll get an instant response just by clicking a button and seeing exactly what areas of your email need fixing.

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